Fleet Management

Track and control every detail about your vehicles and equipments online

Asset Management

Store everything about your vehicle in one place

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Fuel Management

Log fuel data into Fleetop to see how fuel contributes to vehicle operating costs.

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Driver management

Assign, manage, control and measure all drivers and their related activities remotely.

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Compliance management

Get quick access to your compliance data, reminders and their renewals.

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Total cost of ownership

From purchase to disposal understand the true cost of running and maintaining your fleet.

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Fleet Maintenance

Automate maintenance triggers, handle service and resolve issues

Preventive maintenance/ Service reminders

Stay on top of PM tasks with scheduling and predictive service reminders.

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Issue management

Create efficiency and decrease TAT with an end to end issue management tool.

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Maintain proper checks on compliance and key parameters regularly with electronic vehicle inspections.

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Parts and inventory management

Keep updated count on parts and supplies with ease.

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Purchase orders

Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies.

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Work order

Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs

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Vendor management

Keep updated track on vendor purchases and their payments

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Service entries and history

Keep track on outside serviced details and view complete service history for every vehicle in your fleet.

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Tyre management and rethreading

Manage, track and control complete tyre inventory, mount dismount details, periodic rotations and its rethreading process in one go.

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Battery and its warranty management

Keep an eye on battery inventory, its assignments, cost and premature failures

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Upholstery inventory and washing management

Control blankets, screens and other bus upholstery assignments, inventory and washing cycle systematically.

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Fleet operations and accounts

Keep control on your vehicle movements, income and its expenses for better understanding your business.

Trip sheets and vehicle - driver assignments

A key tool to control your vehicle movements and its commercials

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Double entry cash book

Account all your income and expenses while avoiding duplicate entries and establish better control on your cash management.

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Powerful and customizable reports and dashboard

Easy and powerful way to understand and visualize your data with multiple options.

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Vehicle/ Route profit and loss accounting

Arrive P&L of each vehicle or route considering all its income and expenses associated with it for better decision making.

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Integrations and collaborations

Integrate with other systems and collaborate with your team

GPS and Telematics integration

Sync GPS odometer data as an alternate to manual readings or missed data and track the vehicle live.

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Fastag integration ready

Know your trip toll expenses without logging into fastag account.

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IV Cargo integrated

Now vehicle transportation income is easily accessed with IV cargo integration

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Roles & permissions systems

Every Fleetop account comes with role based access system for better control

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